Quel style pour assister à un mariage a thème ?

What style to attend a themed wedding?

Finding an evening dress is already not easy. Do you think that for a themed wedding , the task will be even more difficult? We love weddings because it's an opportunity to party and get ready. A wedding, a ceremony … Whatever your role: bridesmaid , guest … It's always an opportunity to show you in your best light. Here are some ideas this year for outfits to attend a wedding with a theme “imposed” by the bride and groom.

Choosing the ideal women's dress when the dresscode is extensive:

Summary :

  1. Chic and minimalist

  2. Country or country chic

  3. romantic bohemian

  4. Fall or winter

  5. Spring

  6. Vintage, Retro

  7. Marie Antoinette, Medieval

  8. Oriental

  9. Rock'n'roll

Outfit for a chic and minimalist ceremony

organic gray and blue silk and cotton top

Here is a selection of sober and refined pieces for a young lady to attend a minimalist wedding :

A mid-length , black dress that reaches the knees will be perfect to follow up with an evening. You can also bet on a strapless dress fitted at the waist with a belt. If you want to be elegant at all costs, the straight satin dress , round neck or bare back will be your best allies. Cocktail , sheath , wrap or even silk dresses are extremely popular at sober weddings, due to their lightness and delicacy. If you want to stand out with the asymmetrical bare shoulder dress is a wise choice with its incomparable design . If you don't like to wear dresses, you have other options like a chic suit or dress pants with a shirt and a little jacket.

Remember: elegance comes first and foremost through simplicity . Do not abuse the extravagant accessories. If the ceremony takes place in the summer, a light fabric is recommended for pants and long flared dresses .

Country look or country chic

Most country weddings take place outdoors. Opt for a look in pastel tones or with floral patterns , opt for bright colors and above all, we forget dark tones like black or navy blue . In terms of length: long , mid-long or short , everything is good. Do not hesitate to mix pretty materials with each other such as: lace , silk , muslin or even tulle . Regarding the cut, we offer two options: The short dress , V-neck with ruffles, which reveals the neckline: It is a great timeless basic of women's fashion. We also offer you the long flowing or wrap cocktail dress which has the particularity of being able to slender any silhouette. Don't forget the small floral detail, like a small wreath of flowers for example.

An elegant bohemian wedding

How to dress for a boho chic wedding ? Overall, during a bohemian wedding , do not bet on fitted and tight cuts and not necessarily a brand dress, the occasion can do the trick. Short dresses are conceivable, however, in order to stay in theme, these must be flowing . Patterns (such as flowers) on a wrap dress are recommended. The cut that symbolizes this style remains the chic bohemian dress that goes down to the feet. For an outfit with a flowing design , with fine materials and cross-back straps . You can also bet on coins that allow you to be free in your movements. The midi skirt with pleats or skater shape ( high waist or not) are perfect examples. The jumpsuit or a suit remain very good options, provided that the colors are turned towards nature, that is to say rather light and joyful shades.

A ceremony that takes place in autumn/winter

What outfit for a wedding that takes place in autumn or winter ? You need a look that is both elegant and above all warm. A half-sweater dress , so as not to be cold, will be one of your best options. For weddings outside the summer period, light materials will necessarily be replaced by much warmer materials on the back such as: fine cashmere, alpaca or silk. The ideal outfits for this period are:

  • The trouser suit for women with a small top

  • The knit dress

  • A little dark-colored long-sleeved dress with a wide coat

  • The famous jumpsuit

  • A floral print voile shirt and fluid, lightweight bottoms

Who says cold period, does not necessarily say dark colors: You have the right to dare and choose the color in winter to honor the bride.

Dress to attend a spring wedding

dress in navy viscose and yellow pleated silk lining

Spring is an ideal season for a sunny and flowery wedding . Simplicity, naturalness and the return of the sun offer you many possibilities for the choice of your guest outfit or bridesmaid dress . With the return of the sun, why not take out your little legs and wear a flowery dress with thin straps revealing your pretty back or the famous silk dress for a satiny , delicate and refined effect? For a trendy and glamorous effect, the “Girly” dress, wallet or cocktail dress will be perfect. For the more cautious among us, we offer two options:

  • A light bottom with a silk shirt

  • A fluid top with flared pants or a long pleated skirt

    If you are not convinced, the jumpsuit will be a good alternative.

Choose an outfit according to a specific theme

For a big "vintage" trendy ceremony

Are you a young lady who dreams of attending a wedding and wearing a Bridgerton dress or dressing Marie-Antoinette? For a most glamorous and flamboyant ceremony, what could be better than a colorful and flowery ceremony ? The colors for a Marie-Antoinette style are very centered on pastel : lilac , pink , blue … Ban on white . Let loose on the looks that make you dream! You have a corset in your dressing room and you can't find the occasion to wear it? Wear it over a straight dress , it will outline your silhouette for the most sumptuous effect. Are you a fan of puff sleeves ? Treat yourself, this cut will be in perfect harmony with the theme, especially if you favor colors like pink or sky blue . This is also an opportunity to break out your long wrap dress . If there is one piece that seduces many of us and that corresponds to the atmosphere of a traditional wedding, it is the empire dress or the princess dress . If you are rather discreet, bet on blouses and shirt dresses .

A vintage style ceremony

The decoration of this wedding is mainly composed of old objects. Opt for neutral colors , such as shades: cream , beige, fir green… in retro pieces to shop and ideal to wear. We find: the pencil pin-up dress or the skater . This is an opportunity to release the mythical tuxedo for women ! The guinguette looks are also in the mood, the guinguette colors are cream , red and black . On the pattern side, don't hesitate on polka dots (whether big or small), sailor-style stripes or even gingham checks.

A new dress for oriental wedding

Flash colors such as red , electric blue ... Floor-length, highly decorated dresses are very popular at oriental weddings . Regarding the models of perfect dresses to attend an oriental wedding, we find the traditional Moroccan caftan . The satin dress and the ottoman dress are also in the theme.

A choice of Rock'n'roll look for a guest

A so-called rock'n'roll outfit is not necessarily an all-black outfit, if you are invited to a wedding of this style. You can wear dark colors as well as a bright dress with sequins. You can mix different looks. Here are some pieces to mix together that will give you a “rock” look

  • A “Girly” or wrap dress, with a perfecto

  • A long printed dress or a long skirt with a leather jacket

  • A blouse with leather pants, skirt or shorts

  • Leather shoes paired with a flowing dress

If you are not convinced, you always have the backup option... The one that works every time and it doesn't matter the year: the famous little black dress, a chic and timeless basic. As always, white is reserved for the bride. We still advise you to innovate!

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