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What dress to wear for a cocktail?

A cocktail party , a term now a little outdated, means a reception given as a wedding, birthday or even a garden party. This type of opportunity arose after the First World War among the French bourgeoisie. It is often held before dinner. Women can choose to wear a cocktail dress, launched by Christian Dior in the 1940s, which represents a dress less formal than for a dinner but classier than for a simple lunch. In the 60s, she was often represented by the little black dress that you must know. Today the cocktail dress is worn by women both for receptions that take place during the day and in the evening. Here are our tips:

Cocktail attire for women

blue pleated viscose and silk dress

The different dress codes

The dress code or dress code is a theme that is imposed on its guests in order to obtain consistency in terms of outfits. Whether it is with regard to accessories, a color, length or even a clothing style, this allows for a harmonious and even original visual. Choosing a dress code is a way of guiding your guests in their choice of outfits, shoes or accessories, but it is not, however, a question of imposing a strict outfit.

There are different trendy dress codes:


It is synonymous with a fairly basic and common style of dress, but not neglected.

Smart formal

Often between a casual look and a classic elegance, it is generally more classy than a casual style, but yet much more relaxed than a gala outfit.


For business meals, or even After Works. It is a classic and elegant outfit ideal for business evenings with colleagues.


More serious, chic and classy, ​​it is very popular for evenings such as openings.

One color for all

The theme of the event being revolved around a color.

This can also revolve around a particular style to respect, a common accessory or even a colored detail or a specific pattern. The dress code applies to both women and men.

Dressing for an outdoor cocktail party

When the sun comes in, the parties come too. From the arrival of spring until the end of September, cocktail dresses as well as casual men's outfits are very popular.

For a chic and dressy outdoor cocktail, the dressy dress is appropriate. Shift dresses and sheath dresses will make you look sophisticated and stylish. Dresses with lightness, such as pleated silk dresses, will give you an airy and elegant look. Important point: Combine your set with a small clutch or even shoes worked to sublimate your outfit. Avoid the short dress or the lace dress, even if they are pretty and add a touch of youth and glamor to your clothing, because this cut will not be very practical for you to sit with your friends on the floor . Opt for a knee length.

For a more casual outdoor cocktail, the blouse is the practical code, it allows you to be comfortable while being chic. Opt for linen pants that will complete your basic chic look.

If this occasion takes place in a garden or on sand, forget the stilettos which will be annoying. Spartan sandals or wedge heels will be your allies.

For men, the white shirt and trousers, or small navy blue jeans if the occasion permits, are the classic outfits that will make you naturally elegant. Avoid the total gala look.

Dressing for a professional cocktail party

For a farewell drink or a vernissage, professional cocktail parties often feature chic but relaxed outfits while remaining professional. The suit, the straight dress or the long skirt will sublimate you. Prefer flat shoes to accentuate the looks towards your professional but exceptional outfit. Straight-cut pants and plain tops make a perfect match, be careful not to look disguised.

For corporate cocktails taking place in the evening, keep in mind a professional outfit but with a touch of elegance and more accentuated chic. Of course, avoid tight dresses or too plunging necklines. You can combine it with earrings, necklaces and more glamorous bracelets that will offset your fairly sober outfit. Of course if it is the annual professional evening, you can wear dresses long enough for closer to the gala. Simple but classy short long sheath dresses will be your best ref.

Men can wear an elegant suit or even gala fashion with a jacket, the black tie or black tie look is the ideal item for a chic cocktail party. The white tie or white tie option will make your guest look more original with a pair of moccasins, the piece that is both elegant and casual.

Dress for a wedding cocktail party

Depending on the dress code or the place of the party, many outfits such as evening dresses, suits, jumpsuits or tuxedos will make you shine on D-Day. The idea is of course to opt for an outfit which will be comfortable for you all day long until the end of the night. The choice of materials and colors will therefore be very important. Of course, pay attention to the choice of accessories as well. The dress first is a safe bet for the wedding, of course taking into account your figure and the dress code. Pretty skirts or even trouser suits will be out of the ordinary. If you have the right morphology, the short bustier is the perfect model with the good weather coming. Leave your hair natural and give a beautiful jewel to harmonize the whole.

At a wedding, colors are very important. Avoid white, of course, but also cream, champagne or even ivory. Black is also to be avoided. The cocktail dress therefore combines chic and basic and will highlight you. However, the sexy outfit is not well received, because it is out of place for this type of circumstance.

The men will definitely wear their best suit by following the instructions in the invitation, if there are any, and can add a little jacket with sleeves for a top look.

You have therefore understood that the choice of your outfit will be dictated by previously communicated rules, but this does not prevent you from bringing your touch of originality and your personality. The different types of cocktail dresses allow you to be ready for all parties!

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