Quel modèle de manteau choisir selon sa morphologie ?

Which model of coat to choose according to its morphology?

When winter sets in, it is essential to invest in a nice and warm coat. Which one to buy among all the existing models? The outfit that will follow you all winter must fit you like a glove. Because we're going to keep it with us all winter, an overcoat has to flatter our silhouette as well as possible. There isn't just one type of down jacket in the fashion world… Far from it, there are several. Among other things, you do not know which coat model to turn to. It must be said that the overcoat is available in many different shapes and in several different colors as well. So, for you, it's a real obstacle course to find your way around. It must be said that with the mountains of possibilities each winter in the trendy down jacket section, it is difficult to sort out to keep only the models that will sublimate us. Long, oversized, varnished, cape, XXL parka, faux fur, the coat is available in all materials, shapes and colors. Very important, what flatters a woman the most is a garment that she likes and that she finds as stylish as it is comfortable. However, choosing your coat according to your morphology is not always easy. What coat when you're round? How to wear the long coat when you're little? How to choose a coat when you are tall? We will take stock in this article, on the trends of the season to wear according to its morphology.

The different styles of coats for women

saint andre anahide blue wool jacquard coat

There are lots of different coats. Short models, such as pea coats, integrated into the women's wardrobe by Yves Saint Laurent in the 60s, or hunter style jackets. Three-quarter length coats with straight or trapeze shapes or even oversized coats borrowed from men. More modern, the down jacket has been a staple in winter looks for the past few seasons.

Coats suitable for tall people

And that's good, it is right in the fashion trends of the season. In fact, almost all of them correspond to them: Short with jeans or a suit, long with a mini dress, oversize for a quickdraw that stands out. The tall ones still have their favorite coat: the extra-long coat. To highlight a marked waist, we also love the winter trench effect coat, which we belt. And when you are very tall, you can also be tempted by a plush coat or a faux fur jacket, midi length and in brown, cream or animal print. The minimalist overcoat ensures maximum allure.

Coats suitable for little ones

Those who are less than 1m65 may have already had this question running through their minds, faced with the shelves lined with coats of all kinds, from down jackets, to faux fur and bomber jackets. The small templates seek to lengthen their silhouette, it is indeed better to opt for a three-quarter and fitted coat, which will not tend to pack the look. Be careful, because it is commonly accepted that women of small stature should avoid cuts that are too long.

The oversized effect of a coat can pack the silhouette, but you can opt for a short and wide coat that you will control with a belt tied around the waist. Choose a coat that fits your size so that the sleeves come right up to your wrists and the shoulder pads don't fall off your arms. You can also turn to short printed coats that will draw attention to your upper body. Discover the animal, floral, tie and dye patterns...

For the smaller ones, opt instead for coats and jackets in your size so as not to be overwhelmed by the garment. In addition, do not hesitate to practice layering. By accumulating layers of clothing of different lengths and materials, the silhouette gains in scope.

The shoulder pads will enhance your build. If you are a fan of long coats, they can lengthen your silhouette provided you bet on a curved or belted model, in which you do not risk drowning. Choose straight or close-fitting shapes to highlight your morphology.

Which coat is best for curvy silhouettes?

warm coat in saint andre anahide wool

When we have curves, whether in the stomach or the legs, we will choose our coat according to whether we feel comfortable or not and we favor coats that also enhance our pretty curves. In terms of length, we prefer mid-length or long coats and avoid short coats which risk breaking the silhouette rather than highlighting it. In this section, we put everything on the belted coat to structure the silhouette and mark the waist. Visible topstitching, central buttoning with zipper and vertical lines are preferred by round women who want to lengthen. The trapeze cut will highlight the legs. We particularly love the cape, which has been making a comeback for the past few seasons.

A-line coats look especially good on women with wide hips. Same observation with straight overcoats, preferably not too tight, but close to the body, without being tight. The straight coat remains the best ally of silhouettes with wide hips, because it will not accentuate the volume on the lower body. We choose it dressed in a check pattern to follow the trendy prints of the season. Avoid short trapeze-shaped coats that will draw the eye to the hips. Those with a marked waist can set their sights on a belted coat.

If you have a large chest, avoid close-fitting coats, but bet on fluid and belted models, perfect for emphasizing your waist. Also avoid coats adorned with details at the level of the chest, whether it is an oversized collar, frills or ruffles. The bathrobe coat is ideal for enhancing a generous chest or an X-shaped body. The good news is that it is one of the season's trendy coats. Finally, shawl collars and coats with a belt are ideal!

Each woman has her style of coat

warm coat in navy wool jacquard with saint andre anahide relief

V body types therefore have wider shoulders than hips. Therefore, the main objective will be to optimize your lower body. It is better to choose to wear a trapeze, ball or straight coat. You will have to avoid shoulder pads, they will accentuate your shoulders even more. Balloon sleeves too.

A-shaped body types, your hips are wider than your pelvis. Opt for long coats, preferably straight and equipped with shoulder pads. They will come to balance your beautiful silhouette. The balloon sleeves will suit you perfectly. Avoid all the same, the bubble coat that will swell your hips.

The morphologies in X or in 8, it means that your shoulders as well as your hips are in the same alignment. The hips and shoulders perfectly aligned, as well as the marked waist. It is therefore necessary to orient your choice by taking into account the shape of your body to precisely highlight your marked size. Belted coats are your best friends. Choose to wear a bathrobe coat that ties at the waist.

H body types have no size, you are straight. In other words, your shoulders and hips follow exactly the same alignment. Since your waist is not marked at all, you have to create the illusion of its existence. Wear mainly on straight, close-fitting or slightly oversized fitted coats.

Finally, choose the cut and color in which you will feel the best. The main thing is to feel comfortable and warm. The important point not to be overlooked is the composition of it. To do this, read our articles on how to choose a good winter coat with our advice on materials that keep you warm!

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