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Business workwear dress

The business dress embodies a feminine ideal while emphasizing sobriety. She is the perfect blend of elegance and professionalism. Also called office dress, it guarantees you a professional and impeccable look. The barrier between chic, class and the excessive remains very weak. Prefer an outfit in which you feel comfortable and also opt for a dress code adapted to your job.

What trendy look?

navy blue workwear anahide saint andre silk dress

Certainly, your office look is important. But that doesn't mean you have to wear an outdated design. Women all want to add a touch of fashion to their wardrobe, including and especially to their office looks. Fashion, yes, but also a look that adapts to the intense lifestyle of an active woman without breaking the bank in products from very big brands.

  • The blazer jacket over a mid-length or short little black dress, but not too much

  • The shirt dress with or without heels. But we avoid waders.

  • A total look made up of one color (such as beige or navy blue)

  • Plain or printed pleated midi skirt

  • Vintage pieces are back and can easily be combined with your modern wardrobe.

Models of business dresses:

Why does being well dressed in the office work in your favor? A well-dressed person gives off an impression of self-confidence. We trust her more because she does not neglect herself and we believe that the quality of her work will follow with the image she sends back. Which business dress models to choose? Here is a small collection of dresses with different cuts, which can inspire you:

  • The flared dress, crepe V-neck and short sleeves

  • The very elegant knee-length sheath dress for a woman

  • The round neck or boat neck sleeveless dress for summer

  • The fitted shirt dress with a big belt to mark your waist

  • Straight dress or cotton midi dress

  • Mid-length knit dress with long sleeves

  • The fitted pencil dress for a dazzling silhouette

  • The wrap or wrap dress (only if it is long)

  • Blazer pants set for women

The dress code at work

Avoid mistakes, so as not to make a bad impression. For this, respect the dress code imposed by the company, if there is one. Also be careful not to do too much or too little. You have to be able to identify the atmosphere of the company in order to “measure” the choice of your outfits and your prints. In the same way as when you are invited to a wedding, the dresscode is not a constraint. But an indication that will help you in choosing your outfit. Respecting it does not prevent you from expressing your personality. This can manifest itself in small touches of color or in accessories. Here is a selection of some classics that will save you every time:

  • At the top, choose a basic top in a neutral tone (white, black, gray or beige) or lightly colored such as: powder pink, khaki, pine green... with "chic" and dressy pants.

  • A dress with the correct length

  • A blazer jacket for a dressy effect

Avoid dresses that are too short, deep necklines, flashy prints (unless this one is reasonable)

The ideal business dress

silk dress printed blue and orange workwear anahide saint andre

Beyond the impression that people will have. Being well dressed will give you confidence in yourself and your abilities. What will influence your decisions and therefore your professional future. But also the way people treat you and perceive you. Never underestimate the charm of a garment. The “classic” little black dress is still as trendy as ever. Don't forget that elegance comes first and foremost through simplicity.

What is your work environment?

How to dress to go to the office? Aside from the dress code, you need to consider the general vibe of the company. You're the new kid, playing low profile the first few days with a simple cut and a basic color. No short satin dress or shorts. Be a great observer, look at the details… The place and the employees suggest the style you should “adopt”. Still, opt for an outfit that will take care of your image, while being comfortable to wear for your first day in your new job. You will assert your dress code as a business woman over the years.

A business dress for going out

Having a nice business dress is a professional asset. But do not limit its function. Adapt your business dress to the circumstances and reuse it for other occasions. During a vernissage, a conference, an evening, a cocktail party, an official ceremony... Many other events offer you the possibility of wearing your business dress, don't miss it. You can “break” the professional/serious style of your dress. By pairing your dress with sneakers or a casual jacket. Let your imagination be free.

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