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What chic ceremony dress is ideal for rounds?

The wedding announcements begin to rain and even before receiving the official invitation to the ceremony, the puzzle of finding the ideal outfit begins to torment you. What style should I choose to highlight my small shapes or to attenuate them? Don't panic, there are plenty of wedding guest dresses for plus size and curvy women. The first rule is to study your morphology and identify the parts of your body that you want to highlight and those that you want to erase. The important thing is to direct the gaze to your assets and divert it from the areas you want to hide. It is also important to choose quality materials which certainly have a slightly more expensive price, but which will immediately give chic to your outfit. If you are a bridesmaid, you will play the dress code by betting on your curve assets. Focus on our small selection which will make you grace and admiration during the ceremony.

The ideal chic cocktail dress for your size

Round bottom? Our advice to make you stand out

You have thinner shoulders, generous hips and rather slender legs. The key point is to tone down your waist and hips by smoothing them out or creating a high waist that will highlight your chest. Draw the eye to your upper body with shapes that emphasize your shoulders and cleavage. Pretty details on the top of your lace dress for example or a designer neckline, an original cut will undoubtedly focus attention.

The round women's models that will definitely suit you:

  • The high-waisted or empire-style dress that flares out under the bust
  • The slip dress slightly fitted at the shoulders
  • A mid-length dress with a strapless neckline or straps
  • An outfit with a top adorned with a strong detail

All round, rather large in size? Our ideas to be elegant

Your chest is generous and your hips are wider or you have a rather straight plus size morphology. The watchword is to try to lengthen your silhouette and thus balance your morphology advantageously by betting on straight or flared shapes. If you dress like a plus size woman but your legs are slender, don't hesitate to put them forward to harmonize your silhouette. In any case, avoid tight shapes.

Plus size models to choose for dressing:

  • The straight dress
  • High-belted wrap dress
  • The dress fitted at the top and widened at the bottom

navy viscose dress over a sky blue silk pleated dress in the forest

The ceremonial dresses to avoid when you are round

If you are plump, avoid shapes and prints that fatten you up. Favor plain tones without necessarily adopting only the dark, the colors in total look can work well and highlight your large size in harmony for the ceremony or the evening. Dare to color, red, raspberry or even green, they will bring pep to your style.

We avoid at all costs:

  • tight-fitting dress or clothes that are too big
  • Total look sequins and spangles
  • The princess cake evening dress
  • Showy total look prints with large or oversized flowers
  • Low waist evening dresses
  • Volumes that widen the waist such as pleats, gathers
  • Big pink bows at the waist

Hot evening dress for pretty round

A glamorous evening dress

If the dress code recommends a long dress for the evening, hard to escape. but the sheath is good for a great evening dress: you can easily play with the lengths to stretch your silhouette. The long dress goes perfectly with plus size women and highlights your line.

Whatever your size, a long outfit in flowing crepe or a bohemian spirit will slim your silhouette for the evening.

For a formal wedding, choose for the evening:

  • A pretty evening dress in very chic simple crepe
  • A very trendy wide fluid jumpsuit
  • A sexy straight black or blue dress under a poncho in light transparent fabric

Bet on the shorter evening dress

If you don't feel comfortable in a long dress, choose a mid-length or shorter dress, but not too much, it would have the effect of packing you down. After the ceremony, for the wedding evening, you can opt for a collection of plus size dresses with a vertiginous round or v-neck neckline or a neckline adorned with a sequin bias or an asymmetrical detail.

For the little ones, choosing a knee-length outfit associated with a pretty heeled shoe will be ideal. We dive into shoe collections to accessorize. If you are a tall woman, you can easily choose a whole collection of trendy and elegant pieces.

Wear the short party dress:

  • The mid-length little black dress
  • Short high-waisted princess dress
  • The knee-length dress with straps
  • Bohemian-style short dress

navy viscose dress with a visible yellow silk lining caught in the forest

We dare the pants or the chic jumpsuit

You do not feel comfortable in a sheath dress to dance after the ceremony? No problem, turn to a top and pants set or an elegant and very trendy jumpsuit by respecting certain rules.

A collection of vaporous colored tunic tops on wide fluid black pants will ensure a successful ceremony.

The distinguished guest in jumpsuit or pants:

  • wide pants in black dark crepe
  • The light bohemian style top or in a pretty floral print
  • Light flared or tightened long sleeves
  • A collection of tops with scoop neck and worked
  • The high-waisted jumpsuit with an original neckline for the party.

And here you are full of ideas and a collection of outfits in which you will feel beautiful and comfortable. Prefer a ceremonial piece with a nice cut and quality, even if the price is a little more expensive, you will be the distinguished guest who has taste and who is noticed. The plump, luscious glamorous chic woman of the wedding arrives, the slender women or the skinny bridesmaid just have to behave for the ceremony. Enjoy the party.

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