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Which evening dress to choose for curvy women?

Choose your plus size dress

What party outfits to wear when you have curves?

Thanks to many celebrities today no longer need to hide behind big black shapeless clothes. Curvy morphologies can now fully assume and magnify their curves! A planned ceremony, a wedding or a reception and you don't know how to show off your body. Long or short dresses, jumpsuits or trousers...here are our tips to be the most radiant and have confidence in yourself in spring and winter, all year round! Rather than hiding what is complex for you, we change the method!

Choose a plus size party outfit

Slim women aren't the only ones who can wear whatever they want. Nor is there just one body type for plump women. This article presents our tips and what you need to know to choose your dress for women according to your figure, whatever your weight:

For wide hips, we opt for a trapeze cut that subtly hides the curves.

Nothing better than V-necklines to highlight generous breasts. However if you are tempted by a short skirt then prefer the square neckline.

The empire waist that marks the chest is the chic model for women with perfect shapes to soften that little belly that complicates you.

Want to show off your legs? Feel free to show them off with a short dress. However, if you are tall, a maxi cut with small heels will lengthen and refine your silhouette.

Boat necks are practical if you want to hide voluminous arms and structure the shoulders.

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What dress to wear when you are round

Which dress to choose when you have a round morphology? Short, midi or maxi, all trends can adapt to your morphology.

The adjective to best describe your round figure? Harmonious! Most often, you have a small belly, plump buttocks and broad shoulders. Your size is not very marked. For round women with voluptuous hips, an outfit marked at the waist to structure your look is ideal. If you want to highlight your bust, our tip is to bet on elegant fluid pants. This allows you to wear a low-cut top without vulgarity but sexy.

What style of dress suits curvy women?

Fashion is never to be taken too seriously. All women can dress as they wish, regardless of their morphology. Whether you love spring floral print dresses, summer wrap dresses or short dresses, let your desires do the talking. When you have curves, the idea is never to hide your curves but on the contrary to enhance them. As with any type of silhouette, there is no question of adopting any dress, even if it is a basic little black dress: when certain cuts will not have their effect, d others, on the contrary, will sublimate your pretty curves.

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Dresses adapted to round morphologies

V-necks highlight your bust and the fine line of your neck for a very elegant look.

The so-called "butterfly" sleeves, perfect for structuring by drawing a supple and fluid fall that sublimates the arms and masks the small complexes of chubby arms for an elegant and chic look.

Loose shirt dresses, with which you can add a belt to trace your waist. Our tip? White sneakers for a casual look to wear in spring and summer.

The wrap cuts, which best fit your figure for a more bohemian look with gladiator type sandals.

Shift dresses, trapezes and slipcovers. These cuts are made for you, they balance round silhouettes with harmony and bring a touch of professionalism to your look.

Take stock of the opportunity

Wedding, cocktail, professional dinner? Each event has its own dress and codes. Here again, the dress code specific to each event should impose new selection criteria: color, length and elegance, in particular. We avoid the strapless dress split up to the garter belt for an evening with investors, as divine as our curves are.

Materials that sublimate

Fluid and fine fabrics! The perfect dress to go out of the curves underlines and draws without sticking, for curves highlighted without discomfort. We prefer, among other things, silks, satins, soft cottons, jerseys, or why not layering made of veils, muslin and lace on a more neutral material, it's hot!

Highlight your shapes

Contrary to popular belief, being a woman with pronounced contours does not mean having to give up on her style.

Enhance her pretty curves, discover and dress her figure, find her style... If you don't want to accentuate your curves, opt for light materials for your dresses and tops and if you are a fan of tight materials, don't deprive yourself, they will shape your chest and your buttocks, whether you wear a dress, pants or jeans, because yes, you can be a curvy woman and wear jeans, even slim!

If you want to blur your generous hips, the ideal is a model of dress or flared skirt. These shapes are perfect for reducing the width of the hips.

As for her, the monochrome dress with a straight cut lengthens and slims the silhouette. If you prefer bodycon dresses, choose monochromatic, sequined or printed ones.

The only thing to keep in mind is the length. Opt for the short if you do not want to cut your silhouette or a midi cut below the knee.

Adapt your neckline to the volume of your chest

Small breasts can afford to wear a V-neck or maxi version.

If you have a rather strong build, round or square collars will nevertheless be more flattering.

Take stock of your body

The choice of an evening dress depends above all on us! Round, luscious, generous… whether you like your figure or not, choosing an item of clothing can sometimes be downright complicated. To feel good in your clothes, you first take stock of what you dream of enhancing, what you prefer to hide, what you want to show. In general, this is what determine the length of the evening dress and the neckline. No matter the diktats, any round woman well in her dress is beautiful, this is the first rule of choice!

The forms that sublimate

For a made-to-measure evening dress, keep it simple: watch out for superfluous frills, ruffles or pleats that easily weigh down round silhouettes. We rather choose an elegant and refined line, monochrome to unify the silhouette. With heels, if possible!

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The ideal plus size dresses

The empire waist dress

An empire waist evening dress is tightened under the bust, flowing at the flared bottom. The bust is highlighted, the belly softened by the folds of the dress. It can be long or just above the knee. For those who wish to hide their arms, opt for a spring bolero or three-quarter flared sleeves. Be careful though: with a very round belly, the empire waist can give the impression that it is bulkier instead of hiding it.

The wrap-over fashion dress

Less dressy than the empire waist, the wrap dress adapts, on the other hand, to all occasions in spring and winter, we adhere to it all year round! We reserve it for rounds that assume, the dress is often adjusted, and we monitor the material so that it is sufficiently comfortable. It exists in long or knee length version, flared or even pencil. For a wedding or an evening, opt for discreet prints and avoid too large patterns; for a chic evening, stick to dark colors with jewels and heels.

The trapeze dress

Ideal for round women who want to reduce their hips and hide their belly, it's the easiest to wear! It is trendy sleeveless in summer, three-quarter sleeves in autumn or long in winter, it adapts to all curves. We prefer it short or mid-length so as not to pack it down, with a round, marked collar to compensate for the flared bottom. And good news, it's easy to wear with a nice thin jacket in the spring!

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