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All the expertise of Anahide Saint André

Women's formal dresses: what outfit according to your morphology?

Ceremonial outfit

Are you a woman invited to a big event , an evening , a party , a ball , a cocktail party , a ball, an official ceremony or a wedding ? You don't know which model of dress to opt for? How do you cope with so many possibilities? Long, mid-length, elegant , chic , casual dress… The difficulty of choosing an outfit can prove to be a real torment for some people. How to feel comfortable in a ceremonial dress or an outfit in which we do not feel to our advantage? It's hard not to think about it and go have fun on the dance floor… Feeling good about yourself also goes through clothes. Good news ! We are going to reveal tips, so that you can find your perfect dress .

An ideal dress for your morphology

Here are our tips for finding the ceremonial dress that suits you and adapts to you... And not the other way around! Don't forget Ladies, every body is different, that's why you're all as beautiful as flowers! The dress is a piece that each of us has in our wardrobe. It is also one of the simplest garments to adapt to different body types . Whether you are tall, short, thin or curvy… Don't panic, somewhere there is a formal dress that suits you perfectly .

Which dress cut for my morphology?

Long dress or short dress, straight cut, sheath or flared? Which dress do you like the most? Above all, it is important that you go for a model that looks like you and that you like. Then think about the details, the little things you prefer to hide or, on the contrary, those you want to reveal. It is essential that your dress adapts to your morphology to show you off as much as possible.

Ladies, if you are tall : knee-length or long dresses are perfect for you. However, you can also opt for mini dresses , this will highlight your long legs.

For the little ones among us: rather bet on a “mini” dress and avoid long dresses. If you are determined to put one on and you are thin enough… You will have to put on high heels in return.

Your shoulders are wide and it “disturbs” you: you can “cheat” and balance your figure by choosing a puffy dress at the hips.

Your hips are wide , and it bothers you? A skater dress with a fitted top and a light, flowing bottom should soften your curves.

Don't like your belly? At first, it would be better to avoid too thin materials that let everything show through, also avoid belts. Opt for straight and airy dresses .

If you have generous curves : the border between "sexy" and "vulgar" is thin. It is best that you avoid prints and too pronounced necklines.

After defining the type of dress that best suits your body type. Now try to determine the color that suits you . Depending on your skin, not all shades will necessarily suit.

Blue, green, white... Which colors to adopt?

If you know the color of your complexion, you are in possession of a considerable advantage. Knowing your shade will allow you to more easily identify the most harmonious color palette with your body type. This will allow you to embellish yourself with colors that suit you. There are three types of complexion: warm complexion, cool complexion and neutral complexion which is a mixture of the two.

If you have dark skin, choose a light color such as: white, yellow, green or pink . Avoid browns and black which will be too close to your skin tone. On the contrary, if you have rather white skin, avoid light shades and turn your attention to a darker color. You can especially bet on bright colors.

For the more curious, here are some more detailed examples:

Do you have light hair, your eyes are light and you catch the sun easily? Your favorite colors are warm and light tones such as: orange, coral, bright red ... On the other hand, if you have trouble getting a tan, opt for cold tones, wearing pink, water green, turquoise ...

If your skin tone is pale, your hair is dark, and your eyes are bluish or green. Opt for bluish tones and favor pink and purple shades such as: raspberry, burgundy or cherry red .

Do you have dark hair, in harmony with your eyes and your skin is tanned? Set your sights on warm and dark shades such as: dark yellow, brown, khaki, coral ... If your skin is dark, bet on cold and dark shades, which highlight your complexion such as: burgundy, navy or pine green .

From now on, you hold all the keys to adopting a colorful style that will suit you perfectly.

Trendy looks to inspire you

Yellow was voted the color of the year 2021. For the Spring-Summer 2022 season , pastel shades are the main focus. Among them, we will find:
- Powder pink
- Light yellow
- Light/sky blue
- The green
- Violet/lavender

However, there are much more pep shades like:
- Fuchsia
- The Red
- Orange

Spring/summer 2022 trends
- The return of the color block , it is a practice which consists in using a color as the main element of a look. In other words, your outfit will be built from its color.
- The timeless minimalist look . This look is simple, understated but still refined.
- The monochrome look : a total outfit made up of plain pieces or a set of the same color. The monochrome look can be declined in two ways: a color in the same tones or in shades with more or less light shades.

Advice: the best materials to wear

To avoid perspiration, halos under the arms and all the problems that go with it... Choose clothes that retain the least heat, such as:
- Natural textiles, cotton , silk , chambray , jersey , poplin and linen . It is these light materials that will give you the least heat in summer.
- Materials that are comfortable to wear in the sun: cotton is a breathable fabric, so it's ideal. Poplin , because it is a soft and light fabric. The tulle is a transparent fabric is also pleasant. And finally, silk muslin is a material that is both light and flexible.

Our advice :
- Ban synthetic materials at all costs, because the results are not there.
- Avoid thick fabrics, such as canvas or denim .
- As you will have understood, we recommend that you wear natural materials such as cotton or linen .
- Choosing loose clothing can also be a good solution.

To avoid the cold in winter:
- Velvet which is a resistant material
- Silk has a double advantage, it preserves heat in winter and keeps you cool in summer.
- Cashmere , because it naturally regulates humidity, which gives it great insulating properties.
- Finally, the wool which is an active fiber, it reacts to changes in body temperature.
These materials offer the best thermal insulation properties, helping to keep you warm in winter.

Our selection and our ideas of dresses

How to dress for an occasion or ceremony in 2022 ? No need to worry about a complicated outfit or absolutely buy a designer dress. You just need to have a beautiful product/garment with quality fabric . Here are some examples of ceremonial dresses:
- The asymmetrical dress with a special design , more suitable for women with broad shoulders, but a thin waist and hips. It allows to rebalance the silhouette . It is a garment worn rather on special occasions or during an evening .
- The floor-length dress : long tight-fitting or simply fitted dresses are perfect, especially if you are tall. It is ideal for special occasions or as a cocktail dress .
- The “mid-length” or short backless dress is the most elegant for an evening dress or even to attend a wedding. For the holidays, you can also bet on the sequin which is a must to shine.
- The flared dress is sublime and comes in many different ways: V-neck, round neck, with or without sleeves... It's the little dress that accompanies all your outings! Just like the floral wrap dress with ruffles .
- The midi dress is a ceremonial dress with a retro side that continues to operate its charm. It allows you to put your legs forward without revealing them too much!
- The marquise dress is the perfect ceremonial dress if you want a “princess” effect. You can also choose a satin dress with a flared cut for a chic look.

The more your hips are developed, the more you should opt for a flowing dress or skirt. The pleated will be sensational to attend a ceremony.
The essential little black dress , whether it be: crepe, lace, satin, straps, short sleeves ... It will do you a favor, because it's a safe bet ! You can wear it as a ceremonial dress as well as an "evening dress".

After having made the choice of the "design" of your dress. All you have to do is match your shoes and accessories to your dress !