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3 tips for choosing a tailor-made sewing and creation workshop

3 Tips for choosing a made-to-measure dress

  1. Cost of a bespoke dress?

  2. How does a tailor-made creation take place?

  3. How to choose your custom-made dress?

Cost of a bespoke dress?

Having a made-to-measure dress made by a made-to-measure or couture workshop in Paris or in the provinces is not necessarily inaccessible. The cost of your dress will depend on your desires and the complexity of the chosen dress, the finishes and the materials you choose. The price of your bespoke outfit or dress will vary depending on the approach taken. Do you have a custom dress project? You do not want to run the shops, contacting a tailor-made clothing workshop or boutique workshop is the right solution. You can even match your accessories.

Semi-tailored dress

If you opt for an outfit from the collection that requires reworking it to your measurements, we speak in this case of semi-measurement or half-measurement. The tailor-made creation workshop makes modifications from the initial pattern and makes the adjustments to work it to your shapes. In this case he does not create a pattern from scratch. This way of working requires pattern making skills and body shape expertise to properly fit the garment. In semi-measurement, it is often possible to possibly select another color or a different fabric but keeping the same characteristics as the initial model. The choice of a different material may require adaptations and vary the price depending on the quality chosen compared to the initial model.

Depending on the type of garment, the price can vary from 250 euros for a shirt to 800 euros for a formal dress.

Made-to-measure couture

True made-to-measure implies that we create a model from scratch, that is to say that we accompany the client on the creation of the model and the choice of fabric at first, then we create a pattern of A to Z, then a fitting canvas before making the final outfit or dress. In this case, it is an exclusive creation of a piece entirely designed and made for you in the fabric of your choice which respects your line. This type of made-to-measure can remain within reasonable budgets and is perfect for having an exclusive, quality piece made in the material of your choice for an event, a wedding or a cocktail party.

In the making of made-to-measure clothing, the price can vary from 500 euros to 1500 euros for a couture dress or a tailor.

Tailor-made haute couture

Made-to-measure haute couture corresponds to a creation of women's clothing worked with details of finishes and ornaments from crafts such as embroidery, featherwork, lace applications. Opt for this solution if you have a very special event or if you need very elaborate or spectacular outfits. In this context, the creator will offer you ideas for creations taking into account the know-how that he can achieve or request in his contact book. A wedding dress or a long dress can be made in haute couture. This option allows all fantasies, but beware the prices are much higher and remain reserved for very large budgets. This type of made-to-measure requires real sewing know-how and takes longer.

In tailor-made haute couture the price depends on demand but it takes a few thousand euros to start and the budget can reach for the most prestigious houses several tens or even hundreds of thousands of euros.

How does a tailor-made creation take place?

The Idea of ​​a ceremony or cocktail dress

The first appointment allows the fashion designer to meet you, discuss and assess your needs and the context for which you are requesting this made-to-measure piece. This appointment is very important, it allows you to understand your tastes, the assets you want to highlight and the style you like, but also the materials and colors. Fittings take place to see what suits you, what you don't like at all, the designer gives you the necessary advice according to your morphology and the context of the event or the evening. She makes one or more sketches of the model of your choice and can also offer you models that you would not have thought of and surprise you. At this stage, a selection of colors and models is made. Measurements are also taken with a view to making the pattern.

As soon as the drawing is validated, the designer will draw up an estimate, according to your request, specifying the price, the deadline and the conditions of realization: a signature and we move on to the next step...

Pattern and canvas of your model

From your measurements, the designer creates the pattern for your tailor-made outfit. Then, she makes a canvas, that is to say your creation in a cotton canvas, which will confirm your measurements, the proportions of the outfit and definitively adapt the model to your style. During the first fitting, you try on this cotton canvas which corresponds to the outline of the shape of your dress only. You have to keep a little imagination and keep the idea of ​​the final model in mind because it is a raw fabric, the cut in the final fabric will come in two stages. This is an important validation step since we validate or alter the fit according to your measurements, the proportions of the garment, the lengths but also the ease.

Once the canvas has been validated and the model and the fabric are to your liking, we can then start making the model in the right texture.

Tailor-made fittings

As soon as your fabric is validated, the making of your model by an experienced seamstress can be launched at the workshop in the material of your choice. The pattern is adjusted or reworked from the final canvas. The fabric is then cut and then the pieces assembled for the production in the workshop of your dress or ensemble. Once this work is done. The second appointment allows you to try on the dress before the final finishing touches. This fitting allows you to check that the dress fits well and see if there are any small alterations to be made. We then adjust the final length and validate the final finishes of the made-to-measure dress. A third appointment can be scheduled if there are major touch-ups.

How to choose your custom-made dress?

A dress according to the event

If you are invited to a wedding, opt for the making of a tailor-made cocktail dress or an evening dress.

If you are getting married, custom-made is the best solution to get the room of your dreams. It is a privileged moment to co-create with a designer her wedding dress that perfectly meets your requirements.

For a dressy evening, you can choose a long made-to-measure evening dress or opt for well-cut and accessorized trousers or a tuxedo suit.

If you want a dress for your business meetings, you can opt for a made-to-measure dress. The impeccable three-hole dress or a structured or fluid dress. A suit cut to your size will be ideal for your appointments

A made-to-measure dress provides you with an exclusive and original model that is perfectly adapted.

Which fabric to choose for your cocktail dress?

If you have a tailor-made clothing project, you might as well choose a quality fabric. Depending on your desires and the shape of your dress, you can find many fabrics that can match; the designer can advise you on the selection of the right fabric and the right color for a better look and pleasant to wear. The weavings are selected according to the type of garment. Indeed, a seamstress does not choose the same fabrics for making fluid or structured clothes: a shirt, a suit, a women's suit or accessories, she will be able to give you the right advice. The choice of fabric has an impact on the quote for the custom-made garment or dress.

Personalized dresses to suit you best

The major advantage of bespoke tailoring is to be able to personalize a unique garment, perfectly adapted to your size. You will then have a unique and original piece made by a seamstress that reflects your personality. It is often possible to match an accessory.

If you are small or very tall, custom-made is an ideal opportunity to treat yourself to an exceptional piece, adapted to your personality. Wear a well-tailored skirt or slacks, a timeless or fashionable tailored sleeveless coat or dress designed just for you for a ceremony or for work.

Many workshops exist in Paris and in the region: To select your sewing workshop, take care of the style and take references so as not to have any unpleasant surprises. Same approach for a seamstress. Word of mouth works well to find the right professional.

The house Anahide Saint André installed in the suburbs of Paris realizes with its team of seamstresses in its tailor-made workshop, your tailor-made outfits in the Paris region. If you are not in Paris, you can decide on a tailor-made option remotely: The house offers you a selection of materials and models reworked to your measurements. The couture brand organizes events in pop-up stores