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How to wear chic women's pants

His trendy pants

Many of us women do not know how to choose the cut of pants that will suit us perfectly. Wearing pants that don't have the right cut, the wrong color or even a material that doesn't suit us can quickly become hell for all women. Choose the right model, whether it's high-waisted pants, flowing pants, black or white, we'll give you all the information you need so that you can do your shopping with peace of mind.

What are the fashion pants?

The essentials with pliers

The pleated trousers are available this year in jeans for the happiness of women. High-waisted, carrot-cut pants will be fashionable this fall-winter.

Far from the strict image it sent back, pleated trousers are one of the trends for the new season. Nude or bright colors, a model with split hems, pleated trousers are the model to have in your wardrobe this winter.

The leather pants

The leather pant is undoubtedly the pants that will cause the most sensation again this winter. These pants are available in a multitude of different cuts, which go more or less well to each morphology. You will certainly find your happiness. Straight, tight at the thigh and flared on the calf or even wide leg, they go with all styles.

What pants for women with belly?

First of all, it all depends on your body type. You can find our morphology guide which will help all women to choose their pants.

The jeans

The model straight jeans are ideal when you are round with a stomach, because they encompass the hips and the stomach. High-waisted jeans are surely the pants when you have a belly par excellence, they allow you to lengthen your silhouette in style. The slim jeans allow you to sculpt your legs and buttocks, without molding the slightest imperfection.

The chic pants

Carrot pants, perfect for hiding a small belly, generous thighs or overly wide hips in style. Large size cigarette pants, more daring but which bring an urban touch to your outfits and which will accompany you at work and at events.

We avoid cheap materials, pants that are too wide, we avoid low-waisted pants as well as t-shirts that are too short, but also clothes that are too tight.

How are wide pants worn?

very classy look

The wide pants are ideal for a very chic look. This type of pants will suit you particularly well if you are tall, but if you are short, do not hesitate to associate them with heels, they will lengthen your legs.

choose your ideal pants

The best way to wear the wide trousers is to combine them with a plain and neutral colored top or with a nice satin shirt. When it comes to length, it's very fashionable to wear lengths that cover the foot. Pants that stop at the ankle are much less elegant.

For accessories, pair your wide pants with high heels which will be very chic and elegant and will add a little glamor to your outfit. Bet on minimalist accessories such as a clutch or discreet jewelry.